Sole Custody NJ

NJ Custody Arrangements Perhaps the most delicate issue to resolve for divorcing couples, is the care of their children. When dealing with custody agreements, there are two aspects to consider- residential custody, and legal custody. Residential, or physical custody,...

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Monmouth County Family Court Lawyer

Monmouth County Family Court Family Court is an area of the legal system which deals with matters relating to family law. Family court hears cases related to divorce, separation, matrimonial disputes, domestic abuse, child support and child custody and more. Family...

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New Jersey Family Court

New Jersey Family Court New Jersey Family Court is a branch of the legal system that deals in matters of family law. This court essentially deals in cases that involve divorce, separation, child custody, matrimonial disputes and domestic abuse. Typically, either the...

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Ocean County Courthouses – FAQ

  The Different Ocean County Courthouses Explained If you are going to be involved with one of the Ocean County courthouses sometime soon, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Ocean county family court, the Ocean county probate court and the Ocean...

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Is NJ a Community Property State

Is NJ a Community Property State? New Jersey is not a community property state. It is an equitable distribution state, so New Jersey divorce courts divide your marital assets in an equitable manner, which means distribution between you and your spouse will be fair but...

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Ocean County Child Support Laws

Children are very perceptive and generally are very susceptible to the emotions of others. Child support matters between dueling parents can escalate quickly, often with the children getting caught in the crossfire. No one intends for this to happen but when...

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