Divorce is highly emotional, often requiring immediate and personalized attention.

If you are considering filing for divorce or have already started the process, you need the advice of experienced divorce attorneys who can provide you with an assessment of your case and actual solutions. The attorneys at Cores & Associates are dedicated to realistically assessing your situation and determining the best course of action to take in order to resolve your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While the vast majority of divorces resolve by way of settlement, some must be tried to a conclusion. The trial lawyers at Cores & Associates are experienced in the serious work necessary for preparing and executing complex divorce trial plans. Regardless of the issues in your divorce, we advise that your first step be to meet with us for a free consultation to discuss your situation. We can help you understand the legal process, determine your goals for the outcome of the divorce and design a strategy that can help achieve this outcome.

Cores & Associates will address all matters related to your divorce, including:


Child Custody



Child Support



Distribution of Assets & Liabilities



Medical Insurance



Medical Expenses



Future Planning



Parenting Time






Protecting Exempt Assests


You are not alone in the divorce process. Cores & Associates is committed to providing you with the highest quality legal services designed to meet the individual needs of your case.

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