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 When Should You File For Divorce

Divorce is a life-changing decision, and there are several key factors to consider as you decide when the most appropriate time to file with a divorce lawyer is.

The children. Perhaps you have been putting your divorce off, worried about how it will impact your children. If you truly believe that filing for divorce will have a negative impact on your children, you may want to consider filing over the summer. They will be facing less stress when not attending school. Consider contacting a custody lawyer for advice. You should also avoid filing during holidays or exam times at school. If you are concerned, take steps to minimize the stress.

The finances. Are you better off financially at certain times of the year? Do you receive a year end bonus? There’s also the new tax year, as there are tax implications when filing for divorce. Start establishing your credit history by opening a bank account in your name. Take time to understand your joint assets, income, child support and debts – you want to be able to make informed decisions during any negotiations.

Health & Well being. Divorce is expensive, it is stressful and it is emotionally draining. By putting the decision off you only serve to extend the stress you are experiencing. Many people say that they feel relieved after speaking with a divorce lawyer and filing their divorce papers.

Communicate. If possible, you should try to discuss the divorce with your spouse to make important decisions about child custody and financial support. The sooner you can agree on these issues the better. The more decisions that you can make together the smoother the divorce process will be. Not just in saving time, but also financially and emotionally. Mediation is an excellent alternative, and your Gloucester County family lawyer can help you with this process.

No one can tell you when the right time is for you to file for divorce. The decision is yours, and it’s important that you take time and deliberate the affects on both you and your children before deciding when best to file. If you want more information about Gloucester County family court contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly skilled and compassionate divorce attorneys.

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