No one enters into a marriage anticipating the end, but unfortunately many marriages do result in divorce. If you have found yourself in a marriage that is no longer working and the only solution is divorce, you should consult a skilled Monmouth County divorce attorney. The sooner you contact an expert, the smoother the process can be. Your Monmouth County divorce lawyer will handle your situation and guide you through the process of divorce.

Monmouth County Divorce Attorney

The fairest way to define divorce is: marital breakdown. It is the termination of the obligations that you entered into when you solidified your union legally. Once this relationship has been terminated the spouses are no longer related to each other- the family tie is broken.

Divorce can be painful and emotional, it’s a difficult step for any couple to take- even when the parties involved know that it is the correct decision. It’s important to plan the dissolution of the relationship, because it can be difficult financially, as well as emotionally. The most sensible step you can take is enlisting experienced lawyers to handle your situation. You want to ensure you are fully informed of the various forms of separations and divorces, as well as how the property and asset distribution phase works.

Our skilled lawyers can also assist with:

  • Child Custody – family court also seeks to work towards the best interests of the children. The judge encourages parents to work out a parenting plan and come to an agreement on custody and visitation arrangements. When parents are unable to agree on a plan then the court intervenes and will decide how the custody of children should be worked out. The judge will consider a number of factors, including the children’s physical and emotional needs, the communication between children and parent, and the relationship each parent has with the children. The child custody agreement can be revisitedMonmouth County Divorce Attorney and modified in court at a later time if there are significant changes.
  • Child Support – New Jersey law states that parents must provide their children with financial support until they turn 18, or until they graduate from high school. There are certain factors that are taken into consideration, such as the earning potential and income of each parent- the children’s age, and health. Again, the child support agreement can be revisited and modified in court at a later time if there has been a significant change in the circumstances of one of the parties.
  • Alimony – this is spousal maintenance or support. The decision of alimony is dependent on needs and requirements, and each party’s financial conditions. Which spouse is culpable for alimony will be dependent on earning potential, employment, education and qualifications, as well as the lifestyle that the petitioner has become accustomed to. These rulings can be revisited if there are changes to either party’s circumstances.
  • Division of Property – New Jersey state law states that the court must divide the marital properties fairly and reasonably. This doesn’t always mean the split will be equal, however the judge always aims to render a fair decision, based on the facts before them.

Our firm specializes in all areas of family law relating to children, child support and custody. Your situation and your case are important to us. For questions about your particular case, please call and schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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