Monmouth County Family Court

Monmouth county family court
Family Court is an area of the legal system which deals with matters relating to family law. Family court hears cases related to divorce, separation, matrimonial disputes, domestic abuse, child support and child custody and more. Family court is generally governed by either local law or state law. In Monmouth County, the family court falls under Superior Court, Family Division. There are several family law matters that fall under the jurisdiction of Monmouth County family court, including:

  • Modifications to court orders
  • Alimony cases
  • Restraining orders and domestic violence cases
  • Child relocation cases
  • College contribution
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Motions to set aside a judgement, or order
  • Motions to reconsider
  • Motions to vacate a default
  • Motions to stay
  • Order to show cause


Monmouth County Family Court Cases

The majority of cases in Monmouth County family court are generally heard by a judge who makes the final decision after being presented with all the facts. It is best to follow the rules of the court, and appear on time. Failure to abide by the rules, as well as failure to turn up, can result in a judgement against you. You are able to appeal some judgements if you deem them unfair. However, in cases involving children, the judge generally renders a decision with the best interests of the children in mind.


Monmouth Family Court Mediation Services

Monmouth county family court

New Jersey family court may offer mediation services to assist separating or divorcing parents in resolving disagreements regarding child custody and other matters. During the mediation process, the parents have a mediator present to help resolve disagreements that arise. Monmouth County family lawyers often serve in this capacity. Provided the mediation process results in an agreement, the mediator may help write a parenting plan that can become the custody and visitation agreement.

There are several goals to the mediation process, these include:

  • Find ways to manage your resentment and anger.
  • Create a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children.
  • Create a parenting plan that allows the children to spend time with their parents.


Monmouth County Family Division

The family division is located at the Court House on the lower level of the South Wing.

The Division is vast and houses 11 docket types: Dissolution/Divorce (FM), Non-Dissolution (FD), Domestic Violence (FV), Violations of Restraining Orders (FO), Juvenile Delinquency (FJ), Family Crisis (FF), Abuse and Neglect (FN), Termination of Parental Rights (FG), Child Placement Review (FC), Kinship Guardianship (FL) and Contested Adoptions (FA). Family Division addresses issues of Custody, Visitation/Parenting Time, Spousal Support, Divorce, Separate Maintenance, Child Support (Establishment and Modifications), Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders, Violations of Restraining Orders, Juvenile Delinquency, Family Crisis, Child Abuse and Neglect, Termination of Parental Rights, Kinship Guardianship, and review all Out of Home Placements of Children by the Court, Children’s Behavioral Health Care Services and the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Important Family Division Phone Numbers
FAMILY DIVISION MANAGER – Rosemarie Marinan-Gabriel 732-677-4304
Family Reception – 732-677-4050
Divorce/Custody/Mediation – 732-677-4050
Domestic Violence – 732-677-4050
Juvenile Delinquency – 732-677-4096
Children in Court – 732-677-4310

Google Reviews from the Internet of Monmouth County Family Court

Janette Dominski
a year ago –

There is nothing about going to court, filing a motion, and/or taking time away from things that should be getting my attention like work or family it any possible free time as a single parent to sit in a court house. I DO NOT even remotely enjoy spending time in any court! The staff (99% of the time) treat you as if you are below them. Additionally, it is generous to concede that the staff, as a whole from sheriff’s officers to intake personnel, is pleasant 1% of the time when dealing with the public they are employed to serve. I am not uneducated and my role in life is no less meaningful than any of theirs. I have never encountered a more miserable collection of human beings. They are so cold and shut down that they are reminiscent of drones booted with artificial intelligence. I dream of that day that I can file any necessary paperwork online with an “app” to check for errors and have a Skype conference from my home or attorneys office for oral argument.
3 years ago –

Some of the people that I have had contact with were a little rude and they came off as uncaring. Most of the people that they are working with are going through major life chances like divorces and custody issues. The people that work there should have a little more respect to the population they are there to serve.

Monmouth County Family Lawyers For Your Case

Divorce and other family law matters are life changing experiences for both parties of a marriage. All efforts are needed; time and cost are at stake. Having a Monmouth County family lawyer can help protect, navigate and guide you through the divorce and family law process. That is why hiring a Monmouth County family lawyer is helpful in settling issues pertaining to both parties. At Cores & Associates, we resolve most cases through negotiation, mediation, or the collaborative divorce process.Our “family-first” approach extends to our clients and we are committed to giving personal attention through timely communication with all of our clients. Our Monmouth County family lawyers can guide you throughout the legal process regarding your divorce or family law matter. Our attorneys are also skilled in Monmouth County child support matters. If you are experiencing trouble with calculating Monmouth County child support, collecting Monmouth County child support or enforcing Monmouth County child support our firm can help.

Monmouth County Courthouse

The Monmouth County Courthouse is located at 71 Monument St, Freehold, NJ 07728. The business operating hours are Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.. The main phone number is 732-677-4300.

The Courthouse, or Superior Court of New Jersey Monmouth Vicinage oversees four divisions. The civil division, the criminal division, the family division, the municipal division and the probation division. It is important to note that the probation court has two different locations.

Probation Court for child support and juvenile reporting – 30 Mechanic Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone number: 732-677-4800

Probation Court for adult supervision – 2407 Route 66, Ocean, NJ 07712
Phone number: 732-869-5600

Our firm, Cores & Associates, handles all areas of family law. We have Monmouth County family lawyers, Monmouth County divorce lawyers, Monmouth County custody lawyers and Monmouth County child support lawyers ready and willing to hear your case details. Your situation and your case are important to us. For questions about your particular case, please call and schedule a free consultation with one of our Monmouth County attorneys.
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