New Jersey Family Court

New Jersey Family CourtNew Jersey Family Court is a branch of the legal system that deals in matters of family law. This court essentially deals in cases that involve divorce, separation, child custody, matrimonial disputes and domestic abuse. Typically, either the state law or the local law governs the family court. New Jersey family courts fall under Superior Courts – Family Divisions. New Jersey Family Court has jurisdiction over family law matters like the following:

  • child custody
  • child relocation cases
  • child support
  • domestic violence/restraining order cases
  • college contribution
  • alimony case
  • court order modifications
  • motions to reconsider
  • motions to stay
  • motions to vacate a default
  • motions to set aside an order or judgment
  • order to show cause/emergent matters

NJ Family Court – General Information

The following is general information listed on the New Jersey Courts website. it contains hours of operation, department/office information and contact numbers:

The Family Division Offices are located on the 1st and 2nd Floor of the Hall of Justice. Questions regarding paternity, child support, custody and parenting time for Non-Divorce matters can be directed to the receptionists located on the 1st Floor. All other questions can be directed to the receptionists located on the 2nd Floor.

Applications are accepted for Child Support, Child Custody and Visitation between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Applications are accepted for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For directions please call 856-379-2200.

Children in Court

Child Abuse and Neglect:  856-379-2200 Ext. 3612 or Ext. 3608
Child Placement Review:  856-379-2200 Ext. 3612 or Ext. 3608
Guardianship (Termination of Parental Rights)856-379-2200 Ext. 3612 or Ext. 3608
Kinship Legal Guardianship:  856-379-2200 Ext. 3612 or Ext. 3608

Child Support

Local (In-State) Applications: Paternity, child support, custody & parenting time.  Please call 856-379-2200 Ext. 3808 or Ext. 3700.
Interstate (Out of State) Applications: Please call 856-379-2200 Ext. 3678 or Ext. 3681.

Child Support Enforcement

Probation/Child Support handles all matters regarding child support enforcement: Please call 1-877-655-4371

Custody/Parenting Time/Visitation

Applications: Please call 856-379-2200 Ext. 3674 or Ext. 3685 or Ext. 3699.

Parent Education Program Divorcing Parents, Custody/Visitation Awareness Seminar, Mediation and Supervised Parenting Time: Please call 856-661-2795 or 856-661-2798


Please call 856-379-2200 Ext. 3614 or Ext. 3625

Domestic Violence

Restraining Order Applications: 856-379-2200 Ext. 3633 or Ext. 3644 or Ext. 3636
Motions:  856-379-2200 Ext. 3652

Family in Crisis (FCIU)

Court & Non-Court Involved Juvenile Matters: The Center for Family Services handles instances of anti-social behavior in juveniles that have and have not yet resulted in formal charges being filed in court. The Center for Family Services is located at 584 Benson St. Camden, NJ 08103.  By phone please call (856) 964-1990.

Juvenile Delinquency

Please call 856-379-2200 Ext. 3650, Ext. 3765 or Ext. 3651.

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