Children are very perceptive and generally are very susceptible to the emotions of others. Child support matters between dueling parents can escalate quickly, often with the children getting caught in the crossfire. No one intends for this to happen but when situations become emotional, like this one tends to, the situation can quickly get out of control.


Our firm has years of experience handling these delicate family matters and we are generally able to keep the children out of the child support matter entirely. Sometimes, if the court is not able to determine which parent to place the child with, the judge may call the child into the Judge’s Chambers in the Ocean County child support court to see how he or she feels about the matter. Don’t worry because Family Court Judges in the Ocean County child support system are excellent with children and treat them with the care and patience that they deserve.


Choosing the right law firm doesn’t have to be difficult. Of course we would love to recommend our own services to you but we actually urge potential clients to interview a few different Ocean County child support law firms during their search so they can ensure that they really have made the right choice by choosing us to represent them and their children. Some tips for hiring the right lawyer to represent you and your child support needs are:


  • Choose someone that you are your child both trust and feel comfortable speaking to. Establishing a true lawyer to client relationship is paramount to working together through your case. If you don’t feel comfortable with your lawyer and don’t tell them your entire situation then they cannot do their best job representing you.


  • Know up front what the fees are. Most lawyers will charge a retainer fee upfront and then offer some sort of payment plan to be charged to the client in the event the retainer fee is used up during the case. Asking these important questions before agreeing to choose a lawyer is key.


  • Research reviews from previous clients online to see what experiences others have had with the lawyer you are considering. Be weary though because some people pay ghostwriters for reviews nowadays to make their online presence more positive. So look for reviews online from their previous clients but don’t let that be the only factor to making your decision. Take reviews with a grain of salt.


  • Experience should be a major factor in your decision. A court case affecting your child support could affect your life and your child’s life for many years to come. You don’t want to trust this major decision to just anyone. You want a lawyer that has handled many child support cases and knows their way around the local court system.


Ocean County child support matters are serious and should mean as much to your legal team as they do to you. Hire a legal team that cares about you and your children and has the experience needed to get you the results that you want.