The Different Ocean County Courthouses Explained

If you are going to be involved with one of the Ocean County courthouses sometime soon, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Ocean county family court, the Ocean county probate court and the Ocean county superior court.

Ocean County Family Court

The Ocean County Family Court handles a wide variety of different case types, the first of which is dissolution and non-dissolution type cases. Dissolution cases deal with such situations as divorce, nullity and separate maintenance. Non-dissolution cases include child custody, parent visitation rights, child and spousal support and medical support.

There is also a team for domestic violence and domestic violence contempt. This team handles almost everything related to domestic violence, regardless of the docket type, making it simple to know where a case of that particular nature will be handled.

The Juvenile Intake team focuses on cases that involve juvenile delinquency. This section monitors all detention and shelter admissions county wide after conducting social investigations. This section also includes intake and juvenile conference committees, and they schedule are also able to schedule cases.

Finally, you have the section that deals with children in the courts. This section handles children that have been displaced from their homes by the Division of Youth and Family Services. They handle child cases involving abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, child placement review and kinship legal guardianship.

Ocean County Probate Court

The Ocean county probate court deals primarily with the wills of people that have died, ensuring that their creditors are paid and that their remaining assets go to the proper beneficiaries.


Ocean County Superior Court

You may find yourself visiting Ocean County Superior Court if your case falls within the criminal division, the family division or the civil division. The Superior Court houses the criminal case management office which is dedicated to handling and hearing cases involved in a criminal nature of some sort. The Criminal Case Management office interviews criminal defendants and provides information to the court on their individual findings. The Superior Court also offers a program to deserving participants in order to exchange jail time for volunteer work. Additionally, the Superior Court processes all appeals, record requests, expungements, permits notices of appearance by your attorney and conviction judgments.

Ocean County Superior Court has three different locations depending on your needs. Make sure to find out which one you need to attend beforehand as they are spread throughout Ocean county.


Ocean County Surrogate Court and Office

The Ocean County Surrogate mostly serves as an administrative office. The Surrogate Court administers estates, letters of guardianship, files of adoption, declarations of death and appointments of guardianship.


Experienced Ocean County Family Lawyers

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