Our clients are very important for us and we value the trust they have put on us to represent their case. We understand that your case is unique and expect a specific result. We are focused on working together with you to achieve the goal that you desire from your case. We work relentlessly for your best interests, whether you are undergoing a divorce, adopting a child, or seeking custody of your child.

Communication Is Key

We firmly belief communication plays a key role in every legal representation. We provide clear and timely communication to keep you informed about your case proceedings right from the start. We are there to help you understand your rights and options that you have to win the case for you.

We understand the situation that you are going through and will be available to answer any questions to clear up any doubts or worries. We will continuously communicate with you and provide updates so that you can carry on with your life without having to worry about the case.

Our Firm’s Persistence Principle

At Cores & Associates, we take pride in our aggressive approach to handling difficult cases. We work relentlessly to fight for your rights and ensure that you get a favorable result for your case. We have great experience working on various delicate and difficult cases where other attorneys have already given up.

Our positive attitude and dedication has always helped win the most difficult of cases. We can assure you of our relentless support and attention when you let us handle your case.

Our Unique Approach to Family Law & Divorce

At Cores & Associates, we understand that each case is unique and work on it with a unique approach. We work closely with you to understand the case and the outcome that you desire. We help you understand your rights and will fight for it so that you get the desired goal.

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