Post Judgment Modifications

Modifications to child custody, parenting time, child support or alimony provisions of divorce judgments may be called for when there has been a significant change in the post judgment circumstances of one or both parents. Property division in a divorce judgment, on the other hand, is not modifiable. The New Jersey Divorce Attorneys at Cores & Associates can bring your modification application to the court if we cannot reach an agreement to modify with your ex-spouse.

Modifying Alimony or Child Support

While alimony and child support orders can be modified, you must be able to provide a reason the court deems essential to make the change. This means there must have been a significant change in your circumstances, including (but not exclusive of) a change in your employment status, health, marriage status or economic needs.

Our New Jersey Alimony and Child Support lawyers will work closely with you to learn about your situation and your reason to change your support order, ultimately helping you to present your case in a thorough and compelling manner.


When your ex-spouse or your child’s other parent is not complying with Orders of the court, the New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at Cores & Associates can help you secure compliance. Our attorneys are experienced in petitioning the court for enforcement of your rights.

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