Renee R. Russell, Esq. is a skilled and effective litigator who has recently returned to the full-time practice of law after taking a hiatus to ensure her family is sufficiently acclimated to their recent move from New York City to Central New Jersey.  The break proved a welcome opportunity to explore and develop her passion for real estate.  An investor, Mrs. Russell, alongside her husband, began purchasing residential real estate along the East Coast during law school and continues to assess the market for sound investments for her family. Adept in market research and analysis, creative problem solving, negotiation and execution, Mrs. Russell has not only successfully purchased and sold her own properties in the New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Miami markets but now prides herself in her ability to do the same for her clients. Her knowledge of the real estate market and the different options available for resolving property issues has proven useful for her clients and their families.

As a wife and mother, Mrs. Russell’s family is her number one priority. Her commitment to the happiness and healthy development of her family while balancing her own needs for career, personal, and financial fulfillment allows her to empathize with clients who often find themselves in the same boat. Juggling her twin passions of real estate and family law with the indelible need to “show up” for her family on a daily basis equips her with the understanding and compassion necessary to effectively advocate for her clients. As an example to her daughter, Mrs. Russell is committed to a life filled with passion and impeccable service generating an abundance of opportunity, creativity and flexibility.

Mrs. Russell completed her undergraduate studies in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A former investment banker with the Corporate Finance Group at Goldman Sachs and Business Development Executive and later Corporate Strategist with Time Warner. she applies her commitment to exceptional client service including effective communication and creative problem solving in her tailored approach to each and every case.

Mrs. Russell left the corporate sector, seeking an opportunity with more social impact. She was awarded a public interest fellowship to attend Howard University’s School of Law where she trained to be a criminal trial attorney. With a genuine love for children, recognizing their innocence, need for protection and guidance, and the importance of nurturing their innate talents, She began her legal career with the intention to devote herself to the issues of youth, particularly youth in the inner cities, representing juveniles as a law clerk with the Public Defender Service of Washington D.C., as a student attorney with the criminal justice clinic, and as a Recipient of the ABA Judicial Clerkship and Certified Legal Intern with Miami’s Public Defender Office. Following law school, Mrs. Russell was a prosecutor with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in New York City where she was fortunate to work in the Red Hook Community Justice Center, the nation’s first multi-jurisdictional community court, where with various stakeholders, she immediately seized the opportunity to employ her penchant for problem solving to craft alternatives to detention for so-called delinquent or criminal youth.

Mrs. Russell eventually left the D.A.’s office to pursue other interests and passions, including commercial acting, and soon found herself returning to her passion for helping others, for indirectly impacting and somehow improving the lives of children with the establishment of her own private practice focusing on criminal defense and family law. With the belief that children need both, productive, involved and present parents, she worked tirelessly to keep parents from being subject to inadmissibility/deportation, to keep parents and/or their children out of, or, at least, limit their interaction with the criminal justice system, and assisted parents in obtaining/negotiating suitable marital, custodial, and settlement arrangements. As a NYC Family Court Mediator, Mrs. Russell assisted parents in developing a parenting plan that they both could agree to in furtherance of the best interests of their child(ren).  As a pool attorney with the NJ Office of Parental Representation, she worked to resist the break up of families where the provision of services would serve to improve the living conditions and significantly reduce/eliminate issues of abuse/neglect or where she believed the state’s involvement in the first place was unnecessary. Additionally, Mrs. Russell is a Member of the Roster of Mediators for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases for Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. She is admitted to practice in NJ, NY, SDNY, and EDNY.  Her other affiliations include: Member of the Wharton Club of New Jersey, Wharton Club of New York, Howard University Alumni Club of Greater NYC, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties’ Associations of Realtors; Part-time Lecturer at Rutgers University; and Volunteer Interviewer for the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Interview Program

Mrs. Russell enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.  She regularly visits family in South Florida, Jamaica West Indies, and the Greater Toronto Area; and, has visited most states in the US, Beijing and Xian, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; England, Hong Kong; Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur, India; Tokyo, Japan; and Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.

Mrs. Russell is committed to achieving her clients’ best interests, advancing their needs above her own. Her clients can rest assured of the highest level of loyalty, integrity, professionalism, and discretion. A hands-on mom, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, and entrepreneur, Mrs. Russell’s passion and compassion will guide you through the process ensuring justice and seeking the optimal resolution for you and your family.

“We are most vulnerable when faced with criminal charges or undergoing sensitive changes in our family life, it is during these times that access to an efficient, effective and reliable advocate is most critical. I will go to bat for you and always be guided by your best interest.”
-– Renée